Monday, December 04, 2006

Comfort Bento

The snow finally arrived in Syracuse and put me in the mood for some comfort food. Hence tomorrow's bento lunch - grilled cheese with soy bacon. I was skeptical about the soy bacon, but it was delicious! I am trying to make the transition to vegan cheese, but haven't gotten there yet.

Next, is the easiest potato and leek soup recipe ever and very tasty (note: this bento is NOT soup friendly...found out the hard way). Then my favorite - vanilla soy yogurt with peaches sprinkled with cinanmon and a little teeny sprinkle of raw sugar. Makes you want to snuggle up in front of a warm fire doesn't it? Okay, maybe not.


trac said...

Vegan cheese is a hard and expensive row to hoe LOL

Lunch (as usual) looks great. Soup is not a traditional item in bento lunches as it needs to be kept warm. The basic idea is that bentos can be eaten at room temperature, like a picnic lunch (as you hike up a mountain to view the cherry blossoms at a Buddhist monastery or take the high speed train into Kyoto for shopping LOL). Do you have a little thermos to use for soups?

Jen said...

Soy bacon is good? Really? I may have to try that... at the grocery store this week I felt like I was out of food ideas! :o(


Bridget said...

It was good!! When I was cooking it up the *look* of it made me nervous - I was having flashbacks to the god awful veggie dog I had at the veg fest, shudder, but it tasty.

What brand of vegan cheese should I go for if I was going to splurge?