Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yet another recap!

This past week was crazy busy! Had something every night after work and by the time I got home I was too damn tired to write.

Friday after work my hubby gave me my birthday presents and he made me a cake! What a sweetie. He bought me a great sports watch that has a heart rate monitor with it and a "big fat wallet." Seriously, that is the name of it. For over a year I have been using a plastic ziplock sandwhich bag for my wallet. It worked and was cheap! The only problem is that now I have to buy a 'big fat purse' to fit my ' big fat wallet' Ha!

Saturday was my long slow run with Trac. It was cold and it was hard. Even though she said we ran less than 3 miles it felt like a hundred. My legs were cement and it was just not a good run for me. Usually Trac is trying to keep up with me :-) Saturday I couldn't get my legs to go any faster to catch up with her!!! Since I am such a competitive bitch, this killed me. This winter I vow that I will get back to my 9 min. mile pace. It will be done....muuuuhaaawwwwww....

Saturday night Bill and I headed over to Trac and Andrew's for a FABO meal. For my birthday, she made the best soy grilled cheese that we dipped in a tomato sauce, her famous cashew chili, salad, and a wonderful chocolate cake with a middle layer of pudding. Damn it was good. I keep begging her to open her own vegan restaurant!! Jen came over too with the pups. We had such a nice time gabbing.

Sunday was the Jingle Bell run and Trac and I headed out to watch the 'other greyhound' girls run. They kicked and hauled ASS!!!!!!!! So proud of them. Again, being the competitive bitch I am, I am thinking...shit...I have GOT to get my ass in gear to keep up with this crew!!!

Later that night Bill took me to dinner at Rico's Italian restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a few vegetarian items on the menu! The meal was delicious and it was fun listening to the table next to us conversation :-) Isn't that terrible!!! But it was another woman's birthday and her boyfriend wasn't invited by her parents obviously. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.

When we got home from dinner I had to make cupcakes for the potluck lunch at work the next day. I made 22 cupcakes - not iced (thank God). At 5 a.m. on Monday morning - Rim Fire "Butthead" Lichtinger ATE 13 of the cupcakes - wrapper and all. WTF?!?!?!!?!/ I wake up to my husband yelling like a girl. RIM ATE HALF THE CUPCAKES!!!!!! It definitely was Rim because the other three hounds were in bed sleeping with me and Rim had the proof all over his teeth - chocolate teeth. I tried to get him to vomit with HP, but to no avail. He is a BIG boy - almost 100 lbs. Thankfully he is fine - just has really disgusting poops - but we are thankful he is pooping!!!!!! However, he is now obsessed with chocolate. If he even gets the idea there is chocolate around he goes nuts. What an ass. But I love him.

That is enough for now - more later about the thanksgiving menu!!!


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