Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wanted: Poster Boy for Road Rage

I really have to start carrying around a camera or some sort of video device.

On my way back to work from the doctors office I got stuck in construction. Not surprising because they are frantically trying to get all the road construction done before winter snow dumps on us. Anyway, the highway have signs of warning: Be Prepared to Stop - Slow Traffic Ahead - you know, that kind of crap to prepare you for the madding crawl of traffic.

I pull up behind this guy and something caught my eye. I could see from his driver side window that he was yelling. I am thinking to myself - WTF? I am looking all around for the person who may have caused this guy to go absolutely ape shit in his car. By the way, I didn't have to be a lip reader to understand the words being screamed. Now, why is this guy acting like someone just took a big dump on his car? Because he is stuck in construction.

At one point, I thought to myself - shit, you better not accidently rear-end this guy or else he is definitely going to kill you. I kid you not when I tell you that he went on and on and on and on in the privacy of his car with this temper tantrum. You would think he would stop? Calm down? Nope. Of course I am now just fascinated watching him from his side mirror - it is my own little show. Then it happens. Someone tries to cut in front of him. Have you ever seen a really pissed off animal in a cage wanting to tear your throat out? This was his relative. If only I could hear because I am sure I would have learned some new words.

I do have to confess at one point I almost considered calling the cops, but the guy didn't roll down his window, try to ram the other car, flip the bird, pull a gun, etc. He was just screaming in the privacy of his own car. He must be having one BAD day.

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