Friday, November 24, 2006

The day after...

Another Thanksgiving has past and now we are being bombarded by all the tv ad's, print ad's, and just materialistic crap for Chirstmas. It seems to be getting worse every year - people getting up at 3 a.m. to wait in line for a store to open so they can be the first to get that 'tv' or 'video game player' or just to get 'stuff'. I don't understand it. Never did. Not even when I worked those 'dark' years of being a retail manager. Watching people march in and demand they get something, anything for free, or bascially for free. If they didn't get it, they would steal it. Sigh.

When I quit retail for good, I swore I would never, ever, shop the day after Thanksgiving. I swore not to be a part of the feeding frenzy of buying of material items in order to buy the Christmas spirit, to buy another happiness. And I haven't. Instead, I get up whenever the hell I feel like it, drink my coffee while mindless flipping the channels, get dressed, take the dogs for a walk and do nothing or something - other than shop. But my favorite thing to do is to sit down and put on the DVD of the Christmas Story. There are several reasons I love this movie so much, one it reminds me so much of my own childhood. The excitement as a kid waiting for Christmas, the look and feel of the house - but my favorite scene is when Ralphie wakes up on Christmas and looks outside and sees the beauty of snow and ice, and realizes it is Christmas. The joy, awe and excitement. I realize it was because of presents, but it was also something more.

Anyway, yesterday was a feast success. Only a few battle wounds - damn near took the tip of my finger off while cutting an onion, a nice burn mark on my arm from taking the turkey out of the oven (revenge from the turkey spirit I am sure), and an unexplained cut on my thumb? Don't know how the hell that happened? We all ate well, even the pups. They were going crazy while we were eating! Jackasses. John laying his head in the crook of your arm looking and drooling as you are trying to eat, Rimmy trying to sneak unseen on the side to steal something off the table, Maggie laying on the floor looking at you with big sad Moo Cow eyes, and Sally standing on the ready, ears all perked waiting for a piece of anything to accidently fall on the floor. Finally their torture of watching us eat ended and everyone got a nice bowl of Thanksgiving. Promptly followed by everyone, including me taking a nice long nap!

It was a wonderful day to feel and give Thanks to friends, family and animals. Truly a blessing.

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IHateToast said...

a christmas story is the best. so many excellent quotations. i can't find it here in oz, but one day i'll be back in the u.s. and find it.
my husband and i are having a gift dilemma. we want to purchase oxfam presents. you can give the gift of a pig or school supplies in someone's honor, but we know that while people talk about not needing presents, they'll be pissy if they don't get them. sigh...