Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bad dog!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Rimmy scored the jackpot of eating 13 cupcakes he has been terrible with the counter surfing! Last night after my run I made myself a veggie burrito for dinner. When I came in the kitchen to put my plate in the sink I hear a noise from the living room. Rimmy is just finishing eating the rest of the TORTILLA WRAPS!!!! He ate all of them plastic and all. How many is that? 9-10? So this time he had to puke. Out came the bottle of HP and turkey baster. I made sure to get quite a bit down him to make sure he vomits. And vomit he did about 5 minutes afterwards. Thank God too! Everything came up - tortilla's, plastic and his dinner. The sheer volume was amazing. I was tempted to take a picture for my Blog, but restrained myself. If I didn't make him bring that back up, it would of been a definite trip to the vet. The tortillas were clumped together like big doughy bricks. No WAY he would of passed them.

Since he has gotten so bad, we are having to put everything up our butts. Thanksgiving I will have to put an barb fence up around the counter. Last night I had nightmares of Rimmy running through the house with a whole turkey in his mouth!


IHateToast said...


but what is HP?

you could register him at the IFoCE.

trac said...

Hydrogen peroxide. A couple of tablespoons will make a dog vomit up what they shouldn't have been eating in the first place :-). Now, your turn.....what is IFoCE? LOL