Monday, October 02, 2006

Tricky chili!

I made two batches of chili yesterday, which both came out very disappointing. The first one had the heat, but didn't look very appetizing. The second, looked more appealing, but didn't have enough 'umph'. Sigh. This is going to be harder than I thought! I was going to take pictures of the aftermath in the kitchen, but was to embarassed to put it up on my blog. Cans, spices, bowls, spoons, food, everywhere!

The first batch I marinaded the seitan in the hot and spicy sauce and that is where the heat came from and it had a nice flavor. The second batch did not have the hot and spicy sauce, but had LOTS and LOTS of beans and beer. However, it didn't have any wow or punch to it. Very bland even after adding lots of different spices. Hmmmmm..... The next batch will have to have the hot and spicy sauce in there and maybe a better beer. Trac suggested cashews and green peppers (I forgot to get some at the store).

On to the next test batch....


Jen said...

I'm sure they all tasted great!

Jen :o)

trac said...

I got a bag of one in the freezer just waiting for that perfect winter day!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Aww, sorry you had some kitchen disappointments! It sure took me a few batches to get seitan right! lol! Keep trying!

Chili...hmm, I haven't tried that one yet!

Practice makes perfect though, so don't be discouraged!!