Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sugar Comma

Today was a super crappy day with the wind and rain. So being stuck in the house I got the itch to bake and I went a wee overboard. So much so that if I even look at another cookie I just might puke.

The last 3 hours were spent making "Bloody Fingers" and "Pumpkin Oatmeal" cookies from Yeah that Vegan "Shit" blog. She has the best recipes on her blog! The bloody fingers were a blast to make and turned out great. My husband said they looked a little too 'real' and didn't think he could eat one. Ha! He did LOVE the pumpkin oatmeal cookies and I must agree with him. These things are the freakin' frackin' bee knees. Hence while I am feeling a little sick to my stomach - ate - too - many - cookies - - - - experiencing - fat - hanging - over - jeans ---- groan.

Tonight we are under a winter storm warning. Great. Just great. They are calling for 60 mile per hour winds and snow showers. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Bill and I were supposed to run a 5k Halloween run and get this...he still wants to go! Huh? I told him good luck because my butt isn't going to be running in that kind of weather. On second thought after all the sugar I ingested today I should run no matter what!!

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Lindy Loo said...

Ha ha ha. Glad you liked the finger-cookies. They're way too much fun to bake! ; )

And thanks for all the nice words.