Monday, October 16, 2006

In the beginning

This is a picture of the start of my final version of the chili I made for the cookoff tomorrow. Doesn't it look yummy! What you are seeing is some onion, garlic, green pepper and long red sweet pepper simmering in some olive oil.

I added all the spices (chili powder, chili paste, cumin, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper and few other things I can't remember and let all that cook together. Then I threw in a big can of fire roasted organic tomatoes, a bottle of Corona (hey it tasted so freakin' good while I was drinking it so I figured what the hell), and then I added beans, beans, beans and more beans (black, chickpea, kidney, butter and great northern). Of course I couldn't leave out the cashews! Personally, I think everything should have cashews in it. Love 'em!

It looks damn good and tastes damn good. I am happy with it. Screw everyone else :-)


trac said...

Good luck today! I am awaiting with bated breath to hear what the reception of your veg chili was!

Jen said...

That looks very good, even though I am not 'big' on spicy foods. mmmmm.