Sunday, October 01, 2006

Farm Sanctuary

Yesterday, Trac, Andrew, Wendy, Judy and I headed out to Farm Sanctuary in Glenn Falls, NY. It was disturbing, incredibly sad and joyful day.

We get there and it is FREEZING!! All of us didn't expect it to be that cold, but we weren't detoured from seeing the animals and listening to the message of the sanctuary. Here is a picture of Trac, Wen and Judy waiting for the tour to start:

We are at the "People Barn" that held a gift shop and some disturbing information, such as this:

This is a gestation crate for pig. It reads - " Breeding pigs live in a constant cycle of impregnation, birth, & re-impregnation. They spend years in gestation crates where they cannot walk or even turn around"

This damn near brought me to tears. How do people honestly think that is right?

They show us a 5-minute video about the mission and some of the abuse cases that come in to the sanctuary before we head off for a tour. In 5 minutes I was so horrified at what the farming industry does to animals to make money. It makes me sick, angry and sad all at the same time. The worst for me is finding out what they do to chickens and turkey's. The de-beaking is an image I will never get out of my head, and when people tell me, well I don't eat beef, just chicken or fish, I will have something to tell them. Eating chicken to me now, is JUST as bad as eating beef.


trac said...

I think I look like the Unibomber! Especially next to Wen and Judy who always look very 'together' LOL

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