Sunday, October 22, 2006

Due to the Graphic Nature

This past Thursday was my Broncoscopy, finally (it was cancelled twice before). For some reason on Wednesday I just had a weird feeling about it. I was kidding around with my co-workers about how if I die they had to figure out all the paperwork on my desk and they better give a kick-ass funeral. Humor is how I deal with uncomfortable situations or odd feelings that I get sometimes. I just knew something weird was going to happen, but what am I supposed to do, cancel the procedure because I was feeling a little hinky about it?!

I should of known things were going to be 'hinky' when the nurse, God love her, was trying to get the IV in my arm and couldn't get the vein. For about 5 minutes she is rooting around with the needle because she can see and feel the vein, but it is so deep in my arm she can't get the needle in it. Yes, it hurt like a bitch but I didn't say anything except to crack a couple jokes. Helps me not cry. Another nurse was called in and managed to get the IV in my other arm.

With a Broncoscopy they only give you two types of drugs - one to relax you, but keep you awake, yes, awake. The other is to help with any pain from having the camera shoved down your nose into your lungs. Ummmm - can I have a double dose of both please? The whole staying awake during the procedure had me totally freaked out. I don't want to be awake, I don't want to watch, I don't want to know anything! Nothing! Nada! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh wait! I forgot about the numbing shit-tasting stuff to numb your nose and throat. Lets start with that....

They wheel me in the room for the procedure. There is a wonderful nurse named Mary, who if it wasn't for her I would of gone into a full blown panic attack, a respiratory therapist who had the personality of a plant, and some guy named Igor, whose job it is to take x-rays and my doc - Doc El Bayati.

Doc comes in and proceeds to put the foulest, nastiest gel and liquid shit down my nose and throat. OMG it was disgusting. What I don't understand is that people make billion dollars a year in medicines, but they can't come up with something that doesn't taste like liquid tin foil. Nasty. This stuff is to numb the throat and nasal passages. By the way, I never realized how hard it is to swallow when your throat is numb. Anyway, during the time I am swallowing above meantioned foulness, they are giving me the happy drug. Trust me when I say I wasn't that happy.

Here comes Johnny!!!!! Down goes the scope. Somewhere, I don't know where, but it started to hurt - maybe around the vocal cords - I don't know, I started to cry. Tears just rolling down the side of my face. Anyone that knows me, knows I RARELY cry. The doc tells me I doing great and they give me more pain meds. Thank God. Next thing I remember is looking up and seeing something like a steel fishing line that he is putting down the scope. I am wondering what the hell that is? I quickly found out. This contraption has given me nightmare's for the past couple days. I watch as he YANKS as hard as he can on this device to pull something out of my lung. Now it didn't hurt, but I could feel it. Weird. What is he doing? Getting biospy's - a couple of them. After that I remember watching him push a ton a liquid down into my lung. This I remember because I start coughing, and coughing, and coughing. Totally freaky!!!

Finally, they are done. They sit me up and ask how I am feeling. Ummmmmm....can't breathe. Seriously, can't breathe. So I am starting to panic a little, they are starting to panic a little. They keep asking me if I am in any pain. Sorry, can't talk right now because I CAN'T BREATHE. It was horrible and incredibly scary. I could barely talk in a whisper because I just could get my breath. They order an emergency x-ray. Igor is the only person in the room to do the x-rays - Doc and Mary are outside talking about what the hell is going on. Igor sits me straight up - wrong thing to do. Not only can I not breathe, now I am ready to pass out. I am waving my arms at him, trying to talk to tell him I am light headed and about ready to faint - "You'll be okay, it will be just a minute" WHAT THE HELL?!?! Anyone who has fainted knows the feeling - the blackness that comes from the side of your head and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to lay down and the sweat storm that starts. Igor opens the door, Mary and Doc take one look at me and now they look like they are about ready to panic. I am whiter than a sheet and clammy. They lay me down and I feel a little better. Still can't get my breath and coughing, but now I am not going to faint.

Obviously something is wrong and this is not normal. What is normal is that you can go home an hour after the procedure. Ha! Not for me today my friend.

I was having pain under my breast and along with the breathing trouble it looked like, at least on the x-ray, that I had a tiny air bubble outside my lung. Ouch!!!! It was going to go one or two ways. The air bubble was going to get bigger and I would need a chest tube or it was going to get smaller and I could go home. After hourly x-rays until 7:30 p.m. the air bubble finally decreased and I could go home. HURRAY! Thank you Jesus. I was schedule to come in the next morning for another x-ray to make sure it was gone.

I called my two best peeps to let them know the scoop and of course they are freaking. I love them. I keep telling them I am okay, everything is okay, don't worry, etc. There was nothing they could of done anyway. Geesh! Well Trac insisted on driving me to the hospital for my x-ray the next day - Jen was insisting that Trac taking me to the hospital the next day. Like I said, they are the best peeps ever! I am so glad Trac did because I don't think I could of done it alone because I was soooooo tired. After Bill and I got home from the hospital on Thursday I was so freaked out that I wasn't going to wake up that I couldn't sleep. Didn't get an ounce of shut-eye.

Friday morning Trac took me to the hospital, kept my mind off the x-ray and made me the best damn pumpkin muffins ever! Yum. The x-ray came back perfect - Trac took me home, I slept the rest of the day and feel like a normal person again. Woooooo hoooooooooooooooo!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. You dealt with this a lot better than I would have. You did a great job of describing what you went through. I really felt sick reading this.

I am glad that you are ok now.


trac said...

Yeah, I didn't need to know all that detail!

Glad you are feeling better - if pumpkin muffins were all it takes to make things better, I would have been sitting in the operating room, feeding you little pieces down the side of the scope :-)

All my tomorrows said...

Hello from Anony Blogland....I am so sorry to hear you went through something so scary. At least you are DONE and hopefully never have to do ever again! Take care and feel better soon!

Jen said...

OMG, I got sick all over again, just READING that. I would have been crying my eyes out!


Bridget said...

Thanks everyone. I am feeling better. Just glad it is over with. The results will be in next Friday and I am sure it will be something that a couple lifestyle changes will help. I already started the biggest one - no meat! Woo hooo. My philosophy is I am not going to worry until they tell me to worry. :-)