Friday, October 06, 2006

Crazy Day!

First let me say I miss my buds, Trac and Jen. They are at this moment at Greyhounds Reach the Beach in Dewey Beach, DE enjoying sun and sand. It is weird to not have our traditional 100 emails flying to and fro and the 20 phone calls to each other to talk about what I don't know. However I have to say that since they haven't been around I have gotten a butt load of work done. I hate that!

Today is Homecoming and I just caught a little break before I pick up an alum and students to head out to lunch. We are going to Redfields and I hope they have vegetarian dishes. Will report back on that. This morning I had to rush another alum back to her hotel to get her wallet that she forgot and when we got to my van she noticed my "GO Vegetarian" sticker and said "I am a vegetarian too!!!" Very cool.

Before I forget. My chili that I thought didn't turn out that good was actually pretty good! What it needed was to sit in the frig for awhile. I brought it to work and everyone loved it. Maybe I am on to something?!

Okay back to smooozing!

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