Thursday, August 17, 2006

We lost :(

Tonight was the championship softball game and we lost. It was the first time in 9 years we even made it to the playoff's!!

We started off great, but after a few really bad calls from these some called Umpire's, which we will call CHUMPires from now on, really put us in a bad place. First let me describe the first CHUMPire, who constantly mumbles to himself behind the plate. He is a little off and he doesn't know the rules of the game. I thought for a second there was going to be a bench clearing for one call. One of our runner's hit home plate and the catcher tagged him, BUT DROPPED THE BALL. Now in any other sport in the US this would mean he was safe and scored. No. Not this time. He called him out. Hello! Read the rule book!! If the ball is dropped then the person is safe. There was a lot of yelling, cursing and kicking of dirt from our side. However, my favorite moment was when our pitcher on the mound asks him how many out's there were, and the CHUMPire looked confused. He said there was one out. Then he thinks there are no outs, but he has one out on his clicker? What does he do? Ask the opposing team! "How many outs do you guys have?" They say "none" CHUMPire said "Okay, no outs" as his fixs his clicker!!! Meanwhile myself and a couple other people are holding some of our team members back from taking a bat to his head.

Now to the second umpire. He is about 100 years old and likes to smoke on the FIELD. Yes folks he was token up on the field. But the best part was his ballet dance of out signal. What? Safe or Out? Frist he decided safe...oh really out. WHO HIRES THESE PEOPLE?

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Jen said...

So is that why you got drunk as a skunk afterwards? LOL!

Sorry to hear you lost the championship. I know you, though, and I'm 100% sure you gave it your best shot! And that's what counts. :o)