Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This morning I was walking out of the parking garage to go to work when I see Tracy, who works in the records office, standing on the corner holding a big ass axe and bolt cutters. I told her I knew work was bad, but no need to bring an axe! She said the stuff fell off the fire truck that just went flying by and she had no idea what to do with them. Then a guy came up to us and said another axe fell off down the street. So Tracy, Andrea (who also used to work in the records office) and I headed down to retrieve the other axe. On our way we saw the fire chief driving down Marshall street looking for the fallen equipment. I was trying to wave him down, but I don't think he saw me. Just as we turned around we see a Syracuse cop. So I frantically start waving and he comes over to us. We explain what happened and the look of total glee on his face was priceless! He had a big grin on his face and told us that cops love to give fireman a hard time and this was going to be good. Then the cop said, oh look, here comes the fire chief now. The chief drives his car up and has this look of a beaten puppy and thanked us. He was not happy the cop had the equipment. LOL!!! And both of them were very cute too! I just love men in uniform. Sexy. Anyhoo, I hate to be the guys on the fire truck that dropped that equipment!!! They are going to get a serious ass chewing.

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