Friday, August 25, 2006

The rest of the family

This is our big 95lb baby, Rim Fire or Rimmy. He is a beautiful fawn momma's boy! Rimmy does not like being outside his home environment and does what we call 'frets' He will be quick to give you a nibble on your chin and is famous for his 'pop' when he meets new people.

Rimmy was almost destroyed because his previous owners didn't know how to handle off the track attitude. He was snap when you tried to move him. Thankfully he came to us and with some love and training he is a gentle giant.

Racing Name: JRS Rim Fire - Born Dec., 25 '99

This is our old lady, Sally. She will be turning 11 this September. Sally came to us at the age of 8 and no one wanted to adopt her because she was 'too old'. Sally LIVES for attention and just loves everyone she meets.

Sally was picked up on a highway by state patrol because the owner let her run loose. She was returned to the track and that is where I met her; in a cage begging for attention. I couldn't leave her behind so we took her in the van with the other greys going to rescue groups in Syracuse.

Racing Name: We don't know. All we knew was she was used for breeding at one time.

This is Maggie. Our sweet Mag Pie. She is always wagging her tail and loves to give kisses! Mag's is the laziest of the five. Here is a picture of her when she came home from getting a cast put on for her broken leg. She did it out in our yard! Maggie totally recovered from the broken leg! Thank God. And only has a slight limp.

Racing Name: Regall Ready To Go
Birthday Day: September, '98

And last, but not least, our John. John came to us when my friend died suddenly. He was fostering John because he was labled aggressive and was scheduled to be destroyed so Dale was his last chance. Dale often fostered and rehabilitated so-called aggressive dogs. John is one of his success stories. John is a well adjusted and sweet grey. He loves to play and enjoys going for walks and meeting new people. He is a blessing.

There you have it folks! The five crazy greys.


KleoPatra said...


Wow, very wonderful!

Bridget said...

Thanks!! They are my world. BTW - I love the pic you have. Is that your pup? I just love that face.

trac said...

I do love your girls but I have to say.....the boys have my heart....I love Rimmy's wrinkled brow when he is fretting, how he worries and how he taught my Mally to 'pop'. I also love John because he loves me!

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

Congrats on trying the Veg time you will feel so clean and alive! Your dogs are absolutely lovely! I don't have human children choice. LOL! Blessings. Lori

Jen said...

Bridge your photos are great but I think you have an moral obligation to let people know that Rimfire is a sexual predator and that women need to be careful around him. :o\

Jen, the humped victim...