Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Professional Squirrel Chasers

Lately I have been wondering if Alyssa's leg was getting worse from the bone cancer. The pain meds do not seem to be working as well as it was before. She has been limping a little more and holding her leg up. Each day I am scared that she will be leaving us soon. Then she does something that tells me she will be around for a little while longer.

Before I leave work I let the pups out in the big yard for a final potty break till lunchtime. They love going out to the big yard especially now since the squirrel population has exploded! This morning I must of counted about 10-12 in the yard working very hard to prepare for winter. So all the pups are at the fence just drooling and quivering to get out. Just watching them I could imagine how they were at the race track ready to be let out of the starting box.

Since the big yard is so wooded I try to let them out of the gate one by one so we don't have any accidents. Before we created the small dog yard we had many visits to the emergency vet with torn open feet, legs and two slid into trees! All because they BUST out the back door in a full speed run and hit every branch and twig on the way.

I let John out first, boom off he goes, then I see Alyssa. Ears all perked ready to go. I let her out and boom off she goes in a FULL RUN!!! Of course I am having visions of her snapping her leg and was yelling be careful. She ran after this squirrel, chased him up a tree and then jumped up on the tree! That's my girl. She was so happy and even if she did break her leg at the moment it she would of done it doing something she loved. Running.


Anonymous said...
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Bridget said...

Guess I need to go back and change my setting to not everyone - including disgusting spammer's can comment on my blog! LOL!!!

trac said...

You can change the setting so it calls for word verification but still allows anonymous posters. The word verification screens out spammers.

Good for Alyssa, though. She is going to live every day to the fullest :-)

Bridget said...

Ah ha!! Thanks Trailhoundz for pointing out the trash can and thanks trac for telling me about the word verication...which I just did.