Thursday, August 24, 2006

One day at a time

Today was my first meatless day. Yep, you heard here for the first time. I am going to try to go vegetarian.

For a long time I have been thinking about changing because I KNOW where meat comes from, but wouldn't really think about HOW meat got to my plate. But now has come the time to pull my head out of the sand.

This is going to be extremely hard because I like meat and it is easy, cheap to buy and quick to make and it is everywhere! Plus I have no idea what to make i.e., vegetarian foods that will fill me up. It will be a learning process, but I have two great teachers - Trac and Jen.

Anyway, for some reason I chose today to start my meatless free lifestyle and I plan to log a food diary in my blog everyday. I am hoping this will keep me on the straight and narrow if I have to write it down somewhere.

This morning I had oatmeal with brown sugar, soy milk and strawberries. Then a friend brought in delicious Baklava so I had that as my morning snack. Lunch was a hard one. I attempted to make a wrap sanwhich of tomato, fresh mozzerella with balsmaic vineger. It wasn't very good because I put the vineger on in the morning and by lunchtime my wrap was soggy mess of goo. Ick!!! So I decided to go to Syrajuice that has vegan food. When I got there the little meat devil was on my shoulder tempting me to get the BLT wrap instead of the Vegan Chicken wrap. It was a battle - back and forth, back and forth until I got up the cashier and ordered the vegan chicken wrap. I was so proud of myself for overcoming the 'devil'.

Later in the evening I had a training session for my student workers. I didn't touch the pepperoni pizza but has the cheese instead.

So today is the beginning. I just hope I don't CAVE!!! Thank God the VegFest is this weekend to help me keep the veggie path.


trac said...

One day at a time, mojambo. Do your best everyday and don't knock yourself up if you backslide. Meat is a hard habit to break. It sounds like you had a great first day and I am sure that BLT had nothing on the vegan chicken wrap. Syrajuice is awesome. Thanks for the cookies too. See, when veg food tastes that good, it is easy not to eat meat ;-) Can't wait to see what you had today....

KleoPatra said...

Good for you!!!


Bridget said...

Thanks!!! You know I feel good about this.

Jen said...

It's a hard row to hoe at first but gets MUCH easier. I cheated on and off through my first year, mostly with Arby's Roast Beef sandwhiches... yum. Year two and I haven't cheated at all... no desire to anymore. Even the smell of BBQ ribs on the grill doesn't make my mouth water the way it used to.

I think you will find, after a few months, a renewed energy level. That's been the biggest thing for me. I lost a bit of weight but not much... but mostly I've noticed I'm not as tired as I used to be.

You'll do great. :o)