Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh what a flood we had today at work. I work at a University and my office is down the hallway from several computer clusters with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Well....this morning I come in to work to find the hallway leading to the computer labs and the lobby of the professional gallery was completely flooded. Apparently somone forgot to turn the water off in the utility sink in the janitors room. Ooops. It took a team of 5-6 members of the University custodial staff with their water vacs to get it cleaned up. They told us that another 20 minutes later that the water would of reached our office.

No one of course was owning up to who left the water running, but everyone knows who did it. He started at the beginning of the summer and really hasn't been doing a good job and does creepy things. For instance I have walked in the women's restroom to find him walking out of a stall!!! WTF? He is cleaning, but he doesn't prop the door open or put a sign up. This isn't the first time either. All of us miss Mikey so much. He was our janitor for years and we all loved him. We used to sit and shoot the shit with him all the time and the stories he would tell!!! Oh my. One of these days I will put a few in my blog. And trust me when I say they are good stories!!!

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