Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Great weekend

This weekend Bill and I headed up to Erie to visit relatives. It was my first time meeting my 6 mth old nephew, Jack. He was the cutest, happiest baby I have ever met!!! I couldn't keep my hands off that chubby bundle of joy. He would just sit and smile and giggle. It didn't matter to him that we were passing him around like a hot potato! Jack seriously made me think about having a baby. Then the feeling past :-)

On Saturday Bill and I ran in a race. Bill did the 10k and KICKED BUTT. I did the 5k and kinda of sucked. My slowest time of the summer season. Damn. My cousin-in-law Alex ran his first 5k, which he didn't train for and did fantastic. Alex is 18 and looks like he just stepped off a Calvin Klein ad. And to think he was so little when Bill and I got married and now he is all grown up!! It makes me feel soooo old.

Later that evening we met everyone for dinner and had a wonderful time. We ate at a local, hole in the wall restaurant that had the BEST food. It was cheap and good! The wine was even good. The best part of this place was it had it own liquor store out back. You ask the bartender to meet you out there and you can take some booze to go. Brilliant! The waitress was super, even if she dropped an onion ring on my head. She was standing behind me and was passing a plate to Bill's aunt sitting across of me, well she jerk the plate back quick and a shower of rings landed on my head. Bill's aunt said that I could have them. :-)

I love visiting Bill's family. They are so close and have such a special bond. They don't pretend or put on acts. They are just genuine and they are a hoot to boot.

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