Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Great State Fair

I did it!!! Got through the New York State Fair without eating meat!!!

My husband and I headed out the New York State Fair today. I was pretty nervous because the Fair for us is all about food: Greasy, fried, heart clogging, food. Traditionally we head out and have ourselves a sausage sandwich from Giradelli's or bbq pork and/or chicken. This year, I sat and watched Bill eat his Giradelli's and didn't even drool. However, I won't kid you that is wasn't hard to pass by all those smells of bbq and not cave. But I did not. Instead, I had onion pedals (hot as hell and practically gave me 3rd degree burns on my tongue), roasted corn (this is my favorite food at the fair - it was juicy and sweet), falafel sandwich (I was never so happy as to see the King David cart, but I must say the falafel's weren't that good) apple pie (only one word...declious) and a Sangria Slushy (a 20 oz of delciously dangerous wine drink). Overall very filling and satisfying - physically and emotionally.

Day 3 - meat free!!!


KleoPatra said...


I am so proud of you, i hope you are proud of yourself too!!!

The animals thank you from the bottoms of all of their ever-lovin' hearts...

Urban Vegan said...

Congratulations! Brava.