Friday, August 25, 2006

Good and Bad

Day two and it was hard for a couple reasons. One reason is the defending of going vegetarian. It is like people are taking it personally? Why is that? Two, I ended up eating fish. Sushi to be exact. I brought in fresh lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers and mozzerlla cheese w/balasmic vinegar. It wasn't filling or satisfying at all. I am going to have to pre-plan lunch and start doing some research on easy, stress the word easy, vegetarian receipes. I am not know for my cooking that is for sure. Anyway, tonight for dinner I had salmon patties. Fish again! But I figured it was better than having beef or chicken. I am not a fish lover so I don't think it will be hard not to eat it, except I do love sushi. Good thing it is expensive.

Tomorrow I am going to hit the grocery store to plan my meals for next week. My husband is not going to like this because it means two separate meals. Any suggestions for easy to make meals are more than welcome!


KleoPatra said...

I support you and whatever you choose to eat. I am a vegetarian, almost vegan, and wish you well in doing what is right for you.

Bridget said...

Awwwww thanks :-) This is something I really want to do. It just amazes me how strong a hold the meat industry has on people. It is like an addiction that is hard to break and I hope to break it.

trac said...


Sometimes it seems as people take another's choice to be veg as a personal comment about THEIR behavior. I don't why this is but it does seem to be true. On occasion when people have heard I don't eat meat, they feel compelled to tell me how little meat they eat or why they feel people have the right or obligation to eat meat. I don't know why. Anyways, it seems to me that maybe the reason your lunch was unsatisfying was the lack of protein and maybe fat. I think (ang the operative word here is *think* - I will have to do some research) that fat and protein are digested slower so you feel fuller longer. Throw some garbanzos and olive oil in that salad.....Here is a site with some easy veg recipes
You are doing great!

Candi said...

Hi! I just read about you from trac's blog!

I experienced SO much criticism when I first went vegan! (I wasn't veg already, so it was a big shift for me!) I was really hurt by it then and I took it so personally. Looking back, I think people are just ill-informed and the best we can do is educate and continue on our path! You are on a healthy path and you will learn SO much!! Just like anything else, keep your head up and keep learning. Don't let other opnions steer you away. (especially with the typical diet!)

For your hubby, I would make the meal you want, and he can have a piece of meat next to it. Perhaps make enchiladas, and he can have diced chicken with his? Or maybe pasta, and you can omit the meatballs, etc... I did that at first to try to accomodate.

Don't give up. We've all been there and we made it through and we're here to help you.

Congrats on your choices and have fun with it!!!