Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nine years ago today I was saying "I do" in a small church in Ohio. And you know, sometimes it seems like yesterday we were married. My hubby is the perfect guy for me because he puts up with my crazy ways and adores animals! He even carries pictures in his wallet of the dogs. Needless to say today I feel very lucky to have married my best friend.

Maggie got her cast off today!!! Doctor Paul came in the room and started giving Mags kisses on her head and at the same time she was nibbling at his beard. It was very touching. Then Doctor Paul took the cast off and watched her walk a bit. Mags did put weight on her foot, but was walking on her tippy toes. Paul wants her on pain meds for few days and the only reason we should have to come back is that she doesn't use that leg for 2 days in a row. We are going to say lots of prayers that doesn't happen!

Today is a very rainy, rainy day. In this weather the dogs do not want to go outside. I practically have to boot their asses out the door. This morning somone pooped in the family room!!! There is no way I am going to figure out who with 8 dogs in the house. I am praying that Bill doesn't come home from work to a huge mess. Not a good way to start out our anniversary night. Egads.


trac said...

Congratualtions on your anniversary and many happy more years! I would only add that he is the lucky one too!

Jen said...

Wow, 9 years! Congrats Bridge! :o)