Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11th and Lyssie is doing well. Everyday we do a little chant -- Cancer, Cancer go away so Lyssie can stay another day!! She is still mooching (more than ever) and talking away. I don't know what I am going to do without her :(

Thursday friends of our dropped off their pups, Zag, Spencer and Jonna for the week. So that makes 8 hounds in our house!!! We are a kennel!!! Trying to get everyone dishes ready for dinner and giving who needs what medicine wise proves to be a big production. Everyone is very patient, which we are very thankful!

Our house guests are so damn cute and sweet. Last night we had some pretty bad thunderstorms come through around 11 p.m. Well Zag is very thunderphobic and I thought for sure he was going to have a heart attack with the heavy stress panting. Spencer must of gotten concerned too because he went over to Zag's bed and laid right down in front of him and sort of lean against Zag. Spence was comforting Zag!!! It was so freaking cute!!!!!

Crap. I have to get back to work :(

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