Thursday, July 13, 2006

Doctors suck!!! Last week I had a radiation iodine treatment done for my hyperthyrodism. The whole procedure is a pain in the ass. It takes two days and then you have to do all these precautions, such as, have to sleep in the guest room for 10 days, eat off plastic utensils and not use a public restroom. Whatever.

So I get the treatment and they neglected to tell me a few things. One of which is that my symptoms would get worse. That would be a good thing to know! Jackasses. Today I thought I would have to go to the emergency room. It started with the feeling of being a lab rat on crack cocaine spinning maddly on its cage wheel. Frantic, spastic, crazy. My heart rate was in the 100's, I was flushed and my eyes are very red and very irritated. Lately I haven't been sleeping well either. With all this I call my doctor to find out this is normal and why haven't I been taking the medicine perscribed weeks ago to treat heart palpatiations and anxiety. BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW I could. Judas Priest. This is my declaration. If I die from a heart attack or stroke be sure to use this in the court room for the lawsuit.

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