Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well it is Thursday and I still feel like a great big pile of dog doo. If I don't stop itching soon and get some sleep I am seriously worried about totally cracking up. Amazing how sleep deprevation can total screw you up mentally and physically. How can people with insomina function!

Tuesday night I was so desparate that I downed two benadryl and two glasses of wine. Didn't work. Still was up scratching at my feet. I tried cold paper towels, anti-itch cream...nada. Nothing worked. Yesterday I went in to the Endocrine doctor to get lab work done. I told the woman taking my blood that I wasn't feeling very good. She said then it was a good day to get blood drawn. Afterwards I headed to work where I was still miserable. Later in the afternoon I gave up and called my doctor. Told them how miserable I was and that my next step was to break into my husband's leftover stash of Vicoden. Of course the nurse had a fit but who cares. They called me back and said all this is due to the thyroid medicine I have been taking for the past 3-4 weeks and to stop taking it and my itching should stop in a few days. A FEW DAYS!!!!!! Oh god.

Last night I got home from work and took 2 benadryl and laid like a slug on the couch. Artichoke called and made me laugh so that was good. She is reading a book about how females break-up friendships. Women are brutal when it comes to ending friendships. Anyway she had me laughing so hard when she made me promise to tell her if/when I wanted to break-up the friendship. I told her that would never happen. Face it. Arthicoke, Trailhoundz and I are going to be the three bitchist women in the nursing home, but we will still be friends. You don't meet friends like this everyday and when you do, you know to hold on tight because it is something special. See!! What did I tell you. Lack of sleep has turned me into a babbling bafoon.

Geez I got to go. Maggie appointment with Bookbinder is this morning.

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trac said...

Yeah, laugh all you want. But when I told trailhoundz what happened to me at that second grade birthday party - she was stunned and horrified!