Monday, June 26, 2006

We had a good weekend. I started Lyssie on some pain medicine called Metacam to see how she would do. It seemed to help! She still wouldn't use her leg, but every now and then she would put it down and walk gingerly. But she was back to her normal self which made Bill and I very happy. Since she is acting happy and the medicine is working we have decided if it is cancer then we will keep her mediciated as long as we can. I just can't bare to think of putting her down at this point. The only thing that could change our minds is if her x-rays come back that the cancer is out of control and her leg is near breaking. However it may come back that it isn't cancer, but something else entirely. I really hope so. My suspicion is it all in her hip area near her butt.

Saturday was a lazy lazy day. Didn't do much around the house. Truth be told I didn't do shit and it was great!!! Sunday we took the boys for a nice long walk and when we got back the girls were so excited because they thought it was their turn. It was heartbreaking so we decided we take them for a very very very short walk. It was to the stop sign and back. Ha! We had the two gimps girls and the old lady. What a sight we must of been.

Later in the afternoon Bill and I went out to Fox Fire golf course to play 9 holes. It was soooo muggy!! We had a very nice time and man do we SUCK at golf. It was the third hole that I hit the ball and it hit a tree and bounced back on the green!!! Bill lost about 5 -6 golf balls in various trees, water, & brush. At the last hole we started to get a little better. Figures!! It was good husband and wife quality time.


trac said...

Ha! I thought about calling you but decided we could do a day without speaking and that you were probably just vegging.

It sounds like you and Bill had a great time golfing.

Jen said...

Sounds like a nice date at the golf course, hubba hubba! ;o)