Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sucky DAY!!! Yesterday Bill calls me on my cell around 4:30 because Maggie hurt herself running the yard. She and the other 4 nimrods we own were going full tilt running out the back door to the woods. Next thing we know she is yelping and holding up her back leg. She can't put even the slightest amount of weight on her leg. Bill got her inside and found no blood...thank god and she was laying down and wasn't in major distress. Again, thank god. Bill was going to attempt to take her to a local vet who we just started using, but I told him there was NO WAY he was going to take her in his truck with a possible fractured leg!! I give them call and ask if they could wait till I got home so we could take the van. It was 4:40 and I was 10 minutes from the house. They said no we would have to be there at 5 or else we would have to go to the ER room -- well here is the kicker part that sort gets my nose out of joint. They don't close until 6 p.m. but ONLY take appointments till 5 p.m. and even IF we made it at 5 they would charge us a ER visit fee. WTF?!?! Screw that shit. I told I would just use Village Vets.

I get home around 6 p.m. and Maggie is resting and I gave her a Buffrin. Then I figured we should crate rest her for a couple reasons. To keep her resting and to keep the other dogs away from her. We pull out the crate, put a bed in it with a blanket. I get her up to get in and this is where is gets bad. Because she can put any amount of weight on her back leg she has to balance with her other leg, which for some reason she can't do. When she went to go in and to try to get over the little lip at the front she lost her balance, fell to her side!! I am trying to get her up, she is freaking out - hitting the top of the crate, falling back down and I couldn't get her out!! Bill is sitting on the couch totally oblvious! I wanted to kill him. Finally I got her backed out and settled down on a bed. Meanwhile I am thinking of fucking great!!! We probably just made it 10x worse now!!! I was so pissed. Now it is around 7 so I call Village Vets answering service to have a vet give me a call to see if we need to get her in that night. Dr. Brown called back and said that if she is resting comfortably then to get her in first thing in the A.M. but to keep ice on her leg since it is swelling.

Alright. So I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch so Maggie would be alone and I can keep an eye on her. In our household I am the alpha bitch :-) All the dogs were very confused as to why I wasn't going up to the den with the rest of the pack to sleep. Finally I get everyone upstairs to bed. I sneak back downstairs to the couch. I didn't want them in the family room because I didn't anyone accidently laying or running over poor Mag. Anyway, let's just say I didn't get a lot of sleep. Every time there was a slightest noise all of them came barreling downstairs!! They couldn't get to the family room because I put a baby-gate up and that just caused whining and pacing. Around 4 a.m. I was seriously considering driving them all back to the track!! Finally I resorted to just letting them all sleep in the family room with Maggie and I. So I got around 3-4 hours sleep. Great.

I have 3 minutes till the vet opens to give them a call. Bill is going to have to take her because I am subbing for a class. Figures!!! The one time I sub for someone and as my husband would say "all hell breaks loose".

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