Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I feel like shit. Actually I think a big pile of shit would feel better than I do right now. My allergies have been raging the past couple days. My entire body is one big itch fest. Especially the palms of my hands and my feet. Last night I didn't get an ounce of sleep because I was tossing and turning like a chicken on a rotessiure and consitently scratching at my feet. I tried to take a Nyquil to get me to sleep, but that didn't even work. Tonight after work I am buying some sleeping pills.

We have an consult visit with Doc. B for Maggie. The surgery is estimated to cost...gulp...$2200 - $2600. JUDAS PRIEST. It is a lot of money, but she is worth every dime. Unfortunately we do not have this kind of money so we will have to apply for Care Credit. Which is better than a regular credit card. You apply for whatever amount you need and pick a no interest payment plan. For instance say we pick 18 mths interest free and our payments are $160 a month, but it must be paid off in that 18th mths or else you will get sacked with interest from the beginning. OUCH!!! But if you are good about making your payments then it is a great deal.

Time to get some work done.


trac said...

You should pick the longest time you can. Pay as much as you can each month but the longer time will give you a cushion of smaller payments if you need it.

Poor Mags - that is one expensive leg :-)

Jen said...

That's a good idea Trace!

Are these allergies your excerise-induced allergies that the doc diagnosed a few months ago? :o(