Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wow it has been awhile since I posted. This week has been a weird one. One of my co-workers last day was last Friday so this was the first week without her around and my other co-worker (really boss) went on vacation. So it was just little old me and my student worker I started training on Monday. Her name is Erin and I really like her. She is very smart and wanting to do more than just the typical admin work. She works her internship during the morning and comes in the office in the afternoon. She is catching on very quick...thank goodness.

Erin encountered her first obnoxious alum. This girl comes in and heads right over to the computers that you have to check in with the front desk before you start using and starts 'digging' in the files to find internet access. Uh excuse me!!! I don't allow students to use the internet on the computers because they hog it and we need it for other students to use the networking and internship database, not to mention there are a million computer clusters on campus. Anyhoo, she was very rude!! I let her on for 5 minutes and had Brian the computer guy come down and take the access off. HA! The worst part was she said "I am an alum and I know Karen and Lynn" I wanted to say...I know them too and don't give a shit.

Today wasn't a total loss because I met up with my two buds...Artichoke and Spudhound to a little letterboxing during lunch. It felt great to get outside and we were first finders too!!! Love that. Spundhound too her grey Bailey. In order to get to the letterbox we had to cross a creek and Bailey decided to go in the water and it was gross water. He is a fawn colored but when he got out he was black from the sludge and he kind of smelled too. Oh well. He had a great time.

Then this evening I meet up with Artichoke to take a cycling class. Whew was it a hard ride!! Felt good.

Tomorrow is the day for my CT scan. Can hardly wait to get this over with. Part of me doesn't want to say anything to anyone, but then again I am like why? If I keep it to myself then that means something is wrong. If I tell people then nothing is wrong. Is that weird way of thinking?

Tomorrow is also the day we get our family room carpet cleaned!!!! Thank god because it is starting to get pretty ripe in here with all the dogs that have come tromping through here. Gotta love Stanley Steamer.

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