Monday, May 01, 2006

What a beautiful weekend. Yesterday's was...dare I say Man I loved every minute of it.

Yesterday I went letterboxing with Trac and Jen. We had a blast and we ended up walking away with about 19 stamps. That is a good letterboxing day. We took Cozmo and Angus along and they were two tired pups at the end. On the ride home I don't think Cozmo eyes opened even an teeny bit. He was crashed out hard. But I do have to tell this one funny thing about MoMo. On the way up to Auburn he had his head out the window. I look back and all I see is his botttom lip flapping in the wind. It was hysterical. All you see are these billy bob teeth and horse lip flapping.

Tomorrow off to the dentist to figure out why I have this lump under by cheekbone. Yet another doctors visit. And I am only doing it because Tracy would KILL me if I didn't go.

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trac said...

Thank goodness you are getting that thing checked out!