Friday, May 19, 2006

Sushi. The most additive food on the planet. Why? Have no clue. Recently I have become addicted to the Blu Monkey Cafe that makes Sushi here on campus. For being raw fish it is pretty damn tasty, especially with the wasbi. Wasbi is a VERY VERY strong horseradish that just a teeny weeny bit will clear out your sinus. Mmmmmm....good. Today I brought something for lunch, but the call of sushi is too strong. Damn the Blu Monkey!!!

On other news. We are dog sitting two greyhounds, JR and Lexis. Both are about 13 yrs old and so good. JR is hysterical because he is such an old man and stubborn!! He eats when he wants to eat, goes out when he wants to go out and is just and overall tool, but I love him! When he gets all spry with trying to run around and be silly it just cracks me up! Lexis is such a sweet and gentle girl. She just wants pets and kisses. They go home on Sunday :( However my guys will be happy to get the family room back.

The phrase of the day....thank god it is Friday.

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trac said...

It's the chemical compounds in the seaweed and msg that make it so addictive :-)