Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mother of god is it hot outside. How did this happen?! Why is it that we go from 70 degrees to 100 in a matter of a day. I am so envious of people that have central air and I am seriously considering bringing all my dogs to Artichoke's house who has central air :-)

Bill and I had a very productive weekend. We finished re-doing the porch and it looks great. I am very happy with it and don't want to hide it by shutting the blinds so people can't see out there. It was a bitch to pull up the carpet and both of us scraped up our hands pretty good doing it. But we got it out of there and put down some tiles. Looks so good.

On Sunday Bill ran his first 10k in Fayetteville and kicked ass. He finished in 59 minutes which is under a 10 minute mile. Yea!!!!!!!!!! It was so great to be there (and not be a runner).

And here is the BEST Sangria recipe:

1 bottle of cheap Cab Sauv. (I used Yellow Tail)
1 lemon - 1 lime - 1 orange (cut in slices and squeeze the juice in the Sangria then put the slices in)
2 good shots of gin
4 cups of ginger ale
1 small can of pinapple (with juice)

Mix it all together and pour of LOTS OF ICE. You are supposed to let it sit for 24 hours to get the flavors to blend, but if you can put lots of ice in so you can have it right away.

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trac said...

The sangria was delish! Thanks for coming over last night - I had a good time (2 gin and tonics and the sangria will do that :-))

You can bring the pups over anytime, they can even spend the night. You too. Without Kate home, we have an empty room. Tell Bill to get the a/c in!!! :-)

Also, tell him congrats! His time was great - it was a hot morning.