Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is it Friday yet? I am so ready for the weekend. Saturday I am playing in a kickball tournament!! I loved kickball when I was kid...or was that dodgeball? Either way it sounds like fun. The tourney is a fundraiser to raise scholarship money for the Bill Leaf fund. He was a guy cut down so young by a drunk driver. Bill was a graduate of SU's Newhouse School and was best friends with one of former student workers. It is just so sad. It is supposed to be decent on Saturday so I hope they raise a boat load of cash.

Speaking of student workers. My summer help fell through. He negelected t tell me he can only work till June 30th. Well that does me NO good once so ever. I put out a call on our listserv and I have gotten quite a few responses. However some of them need to be smacked in the head. They approach me with attitude of...this will work great for Ummmm...I don't care if it works for YOU. Jeez Louise.

On the medical front. Got a call from my primary physican AGAIN. When I got the message I thought for sure it was to re-schedule my appointment. I was wrong. They noticed some scarring on my right lung and want to do more x-rays. Just peachy. What the hell else can be wrong!? Why did I get a physcial in the first place? The saying is soooo true...ignorance IS bliss.


trac said...

There is always Jim for the summer! LOL

Make an earlier dr. appointment!

trac said...

I hated dodgeball as a kid. I was always the poor sap cowering in the corner, my arms over my head, while being baraged by ball after ball.

Jen said...

OMG... me too Trace! I was the one cowering in the corner...

Have a great game Bridge!

Jen :o)