Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Did you know that if you put Mentos (the candy) in a bottle of Pepsi it will explode? The Pepsi comes shooting out of the bottle like 'Old Faithful'. I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. The people that work next to our office found this out by watching a video and decided to try it out themselves. So on their lunch hour they bought the supplies and taped their experiement. What they did was make a tube to shoot the Mento's down to the Pepsi bottle. It didn't work as well as they thought it would so they came up with another plan. The time tape the tube to the bottle! Ah ha! It did work better, but they still aren't satisfied. Next step is to put a piece a paper between the bottle and the tube. Put the Mento's down the tube, shake the bottle, remove the paper so the Mentos go down and BOOM a Pepsi explosion. They haven't tried it yet because they had to go back to work. I am a little nervous that it may work too well this time. They're crazy.


trac said...

Are they going to clean the mess up? :-)

Bridget said...

They put the bottle over the rain grate. I am going to see if Jackie can send me the video. The commentary was pretty funny.

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