Saturday, April 29, 2006

Today was my first official bike ride and it KICKED MY ASS. Good news is that I didn't fall, mame or injure myself. Before I left for Tracy's house I told Bill that if I didn't come back alive to feel free to re-marry. He didn't find that very funny.

Trac and I got on our bikes and it takes me awhile to get my damn feet clipped in particulary in the beginning. We did 11.5 miles. My legs were killing me. It was a little scary on the road with busy traffic. When you have to pull in to traffic is even scarier. Here you are trying to hurry up to pedal and get your feet clipped in while there is a line a cars behind you. After today I have an all new respect for cyclist and will go out of my way to be kind and cautious while they are on the road.

After our ride we did a 20 minute run. All of this is part of the training for the Triathlon with is approaching waaaay to fast. When we started it feels like your legs are sandbags!!! But we did our first mile in 10.30 but it felt more like 15.30. Go figure.

Tommorow I am very excited to go letterboxing with my two best buds. We have so much fun and it is supposed to be gorgeous!!!! When the three of us get together there will be lots to tell in my blog. While I am out letterboxing my hubby will be visiting his horse friends...Shane, Mariah and Charlie. He doesn't ride, but goes to hang out and groom Mariah. The dogs love when he gets home because of all the smells.

Till tomorrow...

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trac said...

It is not a good feeling to get off the bike and start running, is it? :-) It is why they call it a brick workout - your legs feel like bricks!

You did great on that ride!