Friday, April 28, 2006

Today Trac and I picked up our bikes. It was great and the shop gave me a great deal. The bike runs like butter. Well at least for the 5-10 minutes I was on it. I got all the gear too. Helmet, tire repair kit, extra tube, speedometer, and that is about it. Trac talked me out of buying gloves. Damn I should have because I would feel like a real cyclist. Anyway, they took off my kick stand so I don't look so much like a rookie. HA! Now that is a joke because I am the poster child for rookie. Here is why. We went out to the parking lot and I wanted to try my bike. Now mind you when you clip in the bike you sure are shittin' are clipped in there nice and tight. First off it took me about 10 minutes just to figure out how to pedal and get my second foot clipped in the pedal. Damn near shit canned myself. Finally I figure it out but it takes a struggle for me to get my fuckin' foot in the fuckin' pedal. Very frustrating. Now I am pedaling around the parking lot and here is the tricky part. Getting out of the pedal. You would think this would be easy. No. It is awkward and I am sure it will get better with time. That is if I don't break something. At first I did okay. Then I forgot which foot I unclipped - which was my right - leaned to my left and fell flat on my back in the parking lot. WHAT A JACKASS. Trac tried to catch me and she did lighten my fall for me and I thank her for that. Man I was laughing so damn hard I had tears coming down my face. Meanwhile Trac is scared to death that I am going to kill myself on this bike. Hopefully that won't happen. Right now it is riding in the neighborhood until I get used to biking the real way.

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