Monday, April 24, 2006

Man I am tired. And now I know why!! For the longest time I thought it was just normal for me to be so bone tired to the point where I have to lay down for about 15-20 minutes. This happens a lot when I get home from work. I will go upstairs before dinner and take a power nap. Well I just found out from the doctors office that I have hypothyroidism and one of the symptoms is fatigue. In a few weeks I have an apointment with another doc to figure out what to do next. They also said my blood count was low and want me to come back in a month to test it again. I feel like I am falling apart!! Between my eyes, my asthma, and my thyroid. It sucks getting older.

This weekend went by so fast. Saturday was an hour run. It was brutal, but Trac and I ran for the entire hour. Then I went home for a nap. Bill and I went to church and got our favorite pizza from Twin Trees. It was so damn good!!! Gail dropped Belle off around 7. She is such a cutie pootie. And very curious! Into everything, but she has settled in and is doing great. Belle smiles too!!! OMG it is adorable to see this petite black greyhound smiling and wagging her tail.

Sunday was a brutal cycle class. The instructer was the devil himself I swear. No he is a good guy but tough. Of course I forget to take my inhaler and by the middle of the class a red hot poker was being thrust in my chest. Afterwards we ran for 20 minutes, and that felt surprisingly good. So bizarre.

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