Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let me share some gross and annoying stories.

First the gross. I went to the gym to swim. After I showered, I get dressed and realized I have to pee. Now the bathroom in the women's locker room is disgusting on a good day, but this, this went beyond disgusting to vomit worthy. I go in the stall to pee and when I turned around to flush (with my foot of course) what do I see? A fucking banana peel!!!! What the hell? I must of stood there for 5 minutes muttering to myself..what the fuck because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Now I have seen tampons and toliet paper because people go to hike them in and miss. However, who the hell goes in to a PUBLIC toliet, sits, takes a crap while eating a banana. And when you go to wipe, lay it on the back of the john. How hard it is to put it in the trash?! Or better yet...not eat it while fecal matter is floating around and landing on the banana.

Now the annoying. This morning we had our own Soup Nazi scene going on here at work. The woman that works the snack bar is so manic. One minute she is nice as pie, the next she practically is coming after you with a butch knife. More often than not, it is the latter.

The most popular snack is the breakfast sandwich. An english muffin with egg, cheese and bacon, ham or sausage. Every morning they sell out of them. Since this manic snack lady scares the crap out of everyone, we try to get there early so she doesn't have to make a breakfast sandwich. When you walk in you notice the line of terrified patrons, looking like scared rabbits waiting for the hounds. Well. Today at 9:30 they were out. I made the mistake of asking for one to be made. Lets just say this is my last breakfast sandwich.


Jen said...

ROFL! That is hillarious! You should ask her to "Super size" it next time as a joke, ROFL!


trac said...

Or ask her for fruit and bread to go along with it :-)