Friday, April 21, 2006

I am such a slacker! Say it with me..S L A C K E R. Looking at my training schedule I haven't done dick of what I am supposed to do this week?! What happened I have no idea. Life sort of got in the way. But no more!!! Starting today I will do everything on the training schedule. It just pisses me off because I started out great and now I am slacking. No more!! Damn.

This weekend is supposed to be shitty weather. I will have the fight the tempation to stay in bed or take long naps. There is nothing better than taking a nap on a rainy Saturday. Ahhhhhhhh

Today I am going to approach my husband out getting some money out of our home equity to get work done around the house. This will not go well.

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trac said...

Did he go for it?