Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Every since I started training for a Triathlon my body is falling apart. Lets count how many things are wrong with me. 1. Exercise induced asthma 2. low blood count 3. MVP - mitral valve prolapse 4. hypo or hyperthyroid 5. infection of the eyes which may or may not be due to my thyroid problem. What the hell is happening to me. I shouldn't whine because it isn't that bad. I take an inhaler before I excerise, take antibotics before I go to the dentist and I have no idea about the thyroid thing. I go to an endocrine doctor to figure this out. For some reason they said I had hypothyroid, but that can't be right because I have lost weight? I did some reading and found out the hyperthyrodism can cause eye problems. Hmmmmm...hopefully they will find something out because I can't take much more of this itching, watery, bloated eye crap.

Today I took Maggie, one of my greyhounds into work with me. She is such a good girl. However one of the student workers pulled on her ears and made her cry. Other than that she had a great time. The Dean of the school gave her a big biscuit, she gots lots of pets and just hung out by my desk. Now she is passed out from all the excitement.

My friends brought their dogs over while their house was being shown. I will have to take a picture of 9 dogs in the house. Thank god they are all easy and very well behaved. In the beginning I was worried about her fox terrier Angus, but no more. He is a joy. A lot of fun and I can't believe I am saying this but making me want to have a small dog. Usually I am a large dog person, but Angus was a hoot and it was nice to have a small dog cuddle on your lap. Something to think about.

It is almost bedtime. Night all.


trac said...

That is Angus for you. Winning hearts and minds wherever he goes :-)

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